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Hello! Read my blog about my gross feet. This is my blog, not some silly company or someone pimping out my foot pictures. This is all mine! Please feel free to comment, make requests and share your ideas with me. What works for you?

I'm back and I've been busy!

Hi everyone! I'm back again!
Work and study have kept me all tied up for the last few months but I have more pictures for you all :) Please click on any of these pictures to go through to the gallery where you can see more of the same sets (all free, of course!)

What's in the tin? Click to find out!

A beautiful Australian beach holiday. My yucky feet get sandy and washed in the ocean!

You asked for it!

I've received LOTS of emails asking to see my feet fresh out of hot, sweaty sneakers with no socks. EVERYONE loves stinky sockless sneakers, it seems. So here you go! Please enjoy my disgustingly smelly feet. Now I know why I always wear socks. My feet stink enough as it is without the added horror and squelching juices between my toes that is the sneaker without soft fuzzy socks. YUCK! Happy now? Even my cat ran away when I took them off!


Hi everyone! Apologies for the slow updates, the photos have been taken but I haven't been able to upload them for a little while. Check these out! Remember, if you'd like to buy anything you saw in the photos here - socks, shoes, tights, stockings, toenail clippings... don't hesitate to email me at niceaussie@gmail.com and I'll happily hook you up with my foot stuff :) Paypal and international shipping are a breeze!
Okay, here we go. Click an image to go through to that gallery!

Bus stop boogie!

Enjoy my grubby, dirty soles and shoes at the bus stop AND on the bus home. Taking photos with a flash at the back of the bus sure does get a lot of attention! :) Shiny toenails with glitter, too! Click the image to see more photos!

Almost forgot!

Rainbow running socks!

Check out my rainbow running socks! I paused for a few photos (and some video, which is coming later!) yesterday while I was out for my morning exercise. Watch me strip off my sneakers and socks by clicking on the image below.  The tight sneakers and snug socks have left a soft sock-print on my feet.  What colour are my toenails today?  Come and find out!

Happy new year with smooth soft soles!

Hello again!   Back again after a few week break over the holidays, I hope you didn't miss me too much ;)

I have new photos for you, have a look here!

Regular photos will be showing up again now, so stay tuned :)

My email address!

Remember, you can email me to make requests for photos and to buy any of the icky foot things you've seen in here. OR you can send me a gift certificate for amazon.com so I can pick out a nice toe ring for christmas ;) My email address is niceaussie@gmail.com, write it down!


Did you know there's a whole bunch of pictures that you've been missing out on?
I've been so busy with family and work getting ready for Christmas that while I've been taking and uploading lots of evidence of my disgusting feet, I've forgotten to make blog posts about it!
This is only good news for you, though - now you get a LOT of pictures all at once. Consider it a strange, lazy gift ;) As of today there are 677 photos of my gross feet in the gallery! Click on any of these pictures to see the rest of the photos in that album, each image goes through to a new album.


Tiny little blue sockettes. I wear these under my shoes to help prevent blisters, and they are silky silky smooth and just that little bit transparent. Come see!

Black fishnet knee-highs with my shiny black heels on. These heels have been worn to death, I've had them for six years! Warning, shoe dangling ahead!

Fresh today, black toenail polish, sweaty feet and my favourite black heart necklace as I sit on my bed to trim my toenails for a lucky foot lover. (Yes, he had to pay for them but I found such a lovely box to put them in this time!) See my sweaty, sticky feet!

Just remember that if you like anything you've seen in the photos here, contact me and I might let you buy it from me. Hose, socks, shoes, polish, toenails, the pingpong ball stuck under the couch you can see in the black heels and fishnets photos... Get yourself a present and help me pay off some of my debts ;) My email address is niceaussie (at) gmail.com
If you're feeling extra generous and would like to give me a present for Christmas, you can always click my Paypal Donate button and send me a few dollars to buy a nice nailpolish or a nice relaxing foot massage because you can't be here to give me one yourself... Be generous with the girl who spends so much time taking photos for you, please! (Oh, I'm bad! hehe!)
Right now I'm waiting for the postman to visit, he should be bringing me a little tripod for my camera so I can start taking some nice still videos of my feet for you! I can't wait! As soon as it arrives there will be LOTS OF VIDEOS happening :D